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Meet Your New Mentor, Meg K.

With seven years of digital marketing experience, five of which were spent working for a Fortune 500 company, I learned how to deploy advanced marketing tactics that attract and enthrall online users.

The desire to both disrupt and create is what energizes me. So let's sail away from the safe harbor and re-chart the course of digital marketing together.

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Dive into the marketing tactics we use to increase our reach, relationships, and revenue with target clients. We'll start by assessing your current marketing efforts and digital channels to understand the digital landscape you work within.



Behind every successful business and brand is a digital strategy that constantly adapts to the winds of change and acts as a compass that keeps your business afloat. Together, we'll create a digital strategy you can apply over-and-over again.


It's not sink or swim - it's who swims the longest, and its business critical to choose a strategist to work with who has the same bootstrap mentality. Drifting a few degrees of course without immediate correction can scupper navigation, and we're here to point you in the right direction.


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Carissa Horalak - Tora Wellness

The One-Day Website experience was SO easy. Meg is very reachable and thorough. I needed to find a talented website designer and found Meg on Instagram. The entire experience was absolutely amazing and so easy to work with - just book it now!

"Absolutely amazing! Just book it now!"

Becca reckmeyer x generate wellness

Especially if you are a new business or entrepreneur! Meg not only designed our entire company website, she also helped us identify who we are as a brand, how we want to show up to our clients, and how we differentiate ourselves in the market. She was adaptable to changing schedules and visions of our brand. She was communicative throughout the entire process, and overall, just a joy to work with. I cannot recommend her services enough!

"HIGHLY recommend Meg for your one-day website!"

Selina Lopez Hinojosa x lift by selina

Working with Megan was such a pleasure experience. She has a very kind nature about her, and is so patient. She’s also a great listener. She was able to grasp my ideas and apply them to my website. I appreciated that she was very communicative and responded in a timely manner. This is one of the most professional businesses I’ve ever worked with.

"One of the most communicative and professional businesses I've ever worked with."

erica Matlock x matlock dominguez, PLLC

You have to do the one day website! Megan’s questions and suggested answers as to what I’m looking for were the key. She honed in on the professional look I wanted and made it so much better than I could have imagined! It is exactly what I want clients to see and know about me, my husband, and our firm. Megan was so flexible with us and I cannot imagine having worked with anyone else! Highly recommend if you want a great looking website and the best service.

"I'm so proud of this website and show it to everyone I know!"

Learn how to fast-track your business development through proven digital strategies that work.

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The exuberant amount of digital channels we need to share our precious time and attention to often leaves us feeling overstimulated. If you're tired of feeling overwhelmed or simply don't know where to start, tap into our digital strategy framework to kick-start your business's digital renaissance and kiss those tech tears goodbye.

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Together we'll dive into your current business's position and unique value proposition to discover the best strategies to implement ironclad growth and connect intentionally with your target audience. We'll discover the importance of creating reach and nurturing relationships to create a revenue generating business.

Identify key demographics and segments in your target audience to determine which digital channels to optimize

Become a go-to authority in your niche and identify ways to increase the likelihood of action from your target audience

Learn the importance of data & analytics and how to track key performance indicators (or KPIs) to optimize activities and monitor objectives

Assess your business's current online presence by identifying your brand's unique value proposition and goals

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Let us design and develop end-to-end processes for your brand, including full scale web design, branding, content creation, photography, launch marketing, and more.

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